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Roberts Trucking, Inc. offers personalized solutions for moving all types of heavy and oversized construction equipment in Ocala, FL. We have successfully worked with major construction companies and projects in Florida to offer timely services for all types of construction equipment transport.

We also provide specialized equipment to complement your existing construction machinery such as cranes, loading and unloading docks, flatbed trailers, and other heavy equipment haulers to transport your heavy equipment between sites. We will also help you with loading, unloading, and assembly of equipment to offer you a full range of assistance to ensure that you get the best service from us.

Moving construction equipment involves a huge amount of risk and should only be undertaken by a trained and certified professional driver. At Roberts Trucking, Inc., all of our drivers are certified, licensed, and insured to transport heavy construction equipment on public roads. We will take care of all the necessary public permits and licenses, so that you can relax while we transport your construction equipment to its destination safely.

Roberts Trucking, Inc. is an independent hauling company, and unlike most other heavy equipment movers, we do not hire other companies or outsource our services to third parties. We work personally with our clients and will make sure that our clients are completely satisfied with our services. When it comes to heavy equipment hauling, Roberts Trucking, Inc. is the most preferred choice in Ocala, FL.

If you wish to get a personalized quote for moving heavy construction equipment, talk to our staff at Roberts Trucking, Inc. today!

We will provide you with custom-tailored free estimates for transporting your construction equipment.

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